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The existence of God and the absurdity of Atheism

Professor John Lennox at the Oxford Union Society

Date: 8th November 2012


Renowned Oxford academic, Professor John Lennox, challenges the age-old debate between science and faith. Defending his identity as both a committed scientist and devout Christian, Lennox underscores the foundational belief in a divine intelligence as the driving force behind scientific inquiry. He posits that while science adeptly deciphers the universe's mechanics, it remains silent on its ultimate purpose—a question he believes is answered by the presence of God, particularly manifested in Jesus Christ. To Lennox, God transcends abstract theories and emerges as a tangible, personal entity.

Intelligent Design

Why is it reasonable to see the handiwork of God in creation? And why does the so-called scientific community overwhelmingly reject Intelligent Design. This article summarises the key points of Douglas Axe's recent book "Undeniable".

The Error Of The Free Offer

Is the gospel, as many claim, a free offer to all people without distinction? The human heart likes to think so but the Scriptures teach otherwise.

Election and Evangelism

Many people consider the doctrine of election to be incompatible with the great commission to preach the gospel to all nations. But the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 15:21-28 tells us otherwise...

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