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We started to meet together as a new church in Knebworth in 2007. Our purpose was, and still is, to worship God together and proclaim the Biblical gospel of peace with God through sovereign grace and particular redemption in Jesus Christ.


We use the King James Version of the Bible which we believe to be the most reliable version in the English language today and the one, above all, that has been preserved and honoured by God. We also use Gadsby’s Selection Hymn book because of its faithfulness to Biblical doctrine at the heart of every hymn.


We do not have a written Statement of Faith other than the Scriptures themselves, but for any who want to relate our position to one of the recognized creeds we are probably closest to the Baptist Confessions of 1644/46. We differ from the 1689 Baptist Confession because of the elements to do with the Mosaic law added to the earlier Baptist Confessions.

We align very closely with the preachers listed on They preach only the gospel of Jesus Christ, that God in sovereign grace chose a multitude of people, his elect, before the beginning of time to be counted “in Christ” who lived, died and rose from the dead in the place of, on behalf of, his elect; in this way he justified his elect, a multitude that no man can number, imputing his righteousness to them and paying the legal price of their sins. Through the preaching of the gospel from the Bible, God is pleased by his Holy Spirit to call the elect giving them new life and the gift of faith. We do not know who the elect are but we preach this message to all who will listen knowing that God the Holy Spirit will bring those whom Christ redeemed to believe the gospel and trust him.

We reject modern “charismatic” teaching and practices as utterly irrelevant to the truth of God. We also will not associate in worship or evangelism with any who teach anything other than the gospel of sovereign grace and particular redemption. We deplore the modern trend to revitalize the erroneous teaching of Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) which appeals to what is regarded, contrary to Scripture, as the innate ability of fallen man to see the reasonableness of the gospel and exercise their duty to believe it. Rather, we aim to declare the truth of God as revealed in the Bible - the truth of salvation from sin accomplished for the elect of God by the doing and dying of our Lord Jesus Christ - and trust the Holy Spirit to give new life and faith to believe to those whom he will.


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